A Theme Park: motiongate™ Dubai

Served as Senior Show Systems (Show/Ride) Manager for The Smurfs Village and Lionsgate zones within motiongate™ Dubai. Responsible for all show and ride integration with facilities. Collaborated with all show disciplines (lighting, AV, special effects, animation, set production), construction disciplines (architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing), project management, show vendors and intellectual property (IP) holders.

Smurfs Village

Guests enjoying The Smurfs Village

Attractions include:

  • Smurfs Studio Tours
    A delightful dark ride that takes guests through the busy Smurfs Studios, where the Smurfs are busy making a new movie — and you’re the star. Show set production and animated figures by P&P Projects, Netherlands.
  • Smurf Village Express
    The Smurfs tell the harrowing story of how the Howlibird attacks their village, and rally to defeat him. This junior roller coaster is intended for younger guests to enjoy.
  • Smurf Village Playhouse While the Smurfs are preparing for the next big spectacular show, they directly interact with guests. A motiongate™ Dubai host is there to facilitate real-time conversation between Smurfs and guests.
  • Smurfberry Factory Younger guests can play in this colorful space where Smurfberries abound. Practice your aim on a ball cannon or ball gun, and watch out for Gargamel!
  • Woodland Playpark This outdoor play space themed as Smurf-built mushroom tree houses allows young guests to go across bridges and down slides.
  • Very Smurfy Café This food & beverage outlet serves the best sweet potato fries in motiongate™ Dubai! And lots of other tasty meals and treats.