Lionsgate Entertainment City IEC

As Director of Creative and New Product Development, I collaborated with Madrid-based Parques Reunidos (developer and operator), Los Angeles-located Lionsgate (IP holder), Pasadena-situated Mycotoo (designer and creative agency), as well as architects and property owners, to develop the generic concept, schematic, and detailed designs for Lionsgate Entertainment City Indoor Entertainment Centers (IECs).

Using my

  • skills in communication, creativity, and problem-solving
  • bilingual fluency
  • dexterity in conflict resolution and diffusing disputes, and
  • expertise in communicating with design, technical, operations, and business teams

I was the intermediary between all partners involved to solve the following challenges:

  • Creative Design
    • Design had to align with the IP holder’s standards for each individual movie franchise featured in the IEC. Additionally, current themed entertainment industry standards had to be met to ensure the guest experience was compelling for new and repeat visitors.
  • Operational Functionality
    • Parques Reunidos Operational Team defined the desired operational mode—pulsed, group experience, or an open, free-flow experience—and design was required to allow for that mode.
  • Technical Feasibility
    • All ride systems, AV systems, media screens, and lighting equipment were expected to fit and functioned within IEC facility.
  • Budgetary Compliance
    • Overall experience needed to meet Parques Reunidos Technical Group’s budgetary restrictions.
  • Economic Feasibility
    • Each IEC location has a business model which depends on a predetermined annual attendance goal. The design of each IEC must have appropriate capacity (instantaneous, daily, weekly) values to achieve that annual attendance. Guest per-cap spending is also required to be a specific minimum level, which the IEC design must support.